Worship Weekend

What is a Worship Weekend?

A Worship Weekend event is an all-compassing worship training experience for not only the local worship team but also for the entire congregation. The event is best suited to bring in an entire band with Casey but it can be tailored to involve your local team as well. 

What is involved in a Worship Weekend?

Here are the basic pieces of a Worship Weekend:

Friday night:

We host time of worship and ministry for the whole church giving room for your people to meet with God in new ways. These extended times of worship can create new in-roads into the devotional life of your congregation imparting a deeper love for God and a hunger for worship. 

Saturday morning:

Saturday morning brings a worship training event focused on both the heart and skill of worship ministry. This can be custom built if need be to hit specific issues that may need address at your local church.

Saturday afternoon:

We have an "open rehearsal" time where your worship team is invited to observe an top-level, efficient, effective, and creative band and vocal practice with a follow up session of questions and answers. This is one of many "caught more than taught" moments in the Worship Weekend.

Sunday morning:

We give this Sunday's service a full focus on the topic of worship. The whole morning will be interspersed with times of worship to give your congregation a chance to respond to God as we move through the morning. Video, music, and teaching time will all be given toward the topic of worship. 


We'd love to help grow your congregation in their worship expression. Contact us below for more information. 



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