Worship Leaders and Teams

Here are a few options to consider:

One on one coaching

Either in-person over a weekend or an ongoing relationship via video conference, a one-on-one coaching relationship can help move worship leaders deeper in all areas of their ministry. An in-person weekend can also be bundled with a larger worship team training event as well as the Sunday morning worship time. 

Remote coaching via video conference

This is an ongoing coaching/discipleship relationship encouraging and challenging worship leaders as the walk out their daily and weekly responsibilities. This is a great option for newly recruited worship leaders in churches of any size from church plant to megachurch. 

2-4 day Worship Team Training events

These multi-day worship training events typically start with a gathered worship experience - either a night of worship lead by Casey or a "worship circle" involving your whole team. This is a great time to invite the whole church. 

On the following days we will delve into the heart and skill of worship hitting everything from a basic theology of worship to practical band arrangement and musical skill development. We are big fans of experiential learning so our time will be very active.

From a basic template of values, theology, philosophy, and musical development training we can custom design your training event to suit your specific needs. 

Here are some ways to add-on to the basic training template:

  • Technology in worship
    • click and multitrack usage
    • guitar and bass tone shaping - gear and technique
    • computer based keyboard audio
    • monitoring improvement
  • Sound system overhaul and troubleshooting
  • Songwriting training
  • Worship ministry administration
  • Co-leading and raising up new leaders
  • Specialized worship settings such as kids, youth, and small groups

The sky is the limit! Contact us today and let's start the conversation!


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