Helping a local church finds its unique voice in songwriting is one of our great joys! Either online or in-person, with a group or one-on-one, setting aside focused time to develop your creative songwriting muscles can be personally life-giving but also potentially unlock a whole new level of worship expression for your local church. 

Here are some way we can help:

Songwriting workshops

This crash course in songwriting gives your people the tools to get past their creative hangups and actually start writing. We do a little bit of classroom instruction but the rest of our time is spent actually writing and reviewing songs. 

Songwriting retreats

A songwriting retreat is best suited for after some of the hard work of developing a songwriting culture has been done. We can help facilitate a productive songwriting retreat and again help break through creative roadblocks along the way. We can also bring seasoned songwriters into the mix to help further develop and equip your people. 

Online songwriter coaching

These hour long sessions provide an outside, expert view on your songs and your writing. Specific homework and activities will be assigned tailored to your specific areas of growth. 


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